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Our school is now zoned and boundaries apply. 
This means families need to live within the zone for students to be enrolled. Please bring proof of residential address to the office when you enrol. 
Important: Student Footwear 
School Policy (which is decided by School Council) requires that footwear for students is either predominantly white or predominantly black. Please come and see us if you have any questions.Home_files/Strathaird_PS_NB2012.pdfshapeimage_13_link_0

Hello, and welcome to our website.  

We hope it gives you a feel for the great things that are happening at Strathaird Primary and provides you with lots of useful, interesting information.
Our students have a strong sense of belonging and work within a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Since we opened in 2005 the school has received wonderful feedback from our students, parents and visitors about the positive engagement our school community generates. If you wish to know anything else please do not hesitate to contact the school office for an appointment.

Our school motto at Strathaird Primary School is success, pride, self-esteem (SPS). We believe that every child should experience  success through the achievement of ‘personal best’ , take pride in their school and their achievements, and should experience a positive self-esteem. Our hope is for our students to become successful contributors to our community. 

Martin Shepherd


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Welcome to Strathaird Primary School

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Congratulations and thank you to our School Community - Proudly supporting the children of  Ermera District, East Timor

Strathaird Primary School recently held a Cultural Day. The day was a wonderful celebration of the different cultural backgrounds of our students.

Students participated in a variety of engaging activities, including weaving and quilt making. We were very excited to have visitors, including Jan Trezise from the Friends of Ermera.

On the day, we were raising money for the Ermera Vile Kindergarten in East Timor. Two years ago we raised money to purchase tables and chairs for the children. Parents of the kinder are currently building a new classroom and the money we raised will pay for educational materials and resources.

We raised a total of $1620. This was an awesome effort by our School Community. We wish to thank all of our students and parents for their wonderful contributions. We hope that you feel very proud knowing you have been able to help children, desperately in need of support, with their education.

Helping kids stay safe

Did you know?

You should never post anything online that will help others to identify you, where you live, where you go to school.

You should never post embarrassing pictures or comments.


The Ermera Vile Kindergarten in East Timor

Buddy Bear Caring Kids Day

Recently our school held Buddy Bear Caring Kids Day, raising money for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Our caring and friendly school philosophy and our buddy program are closely linked to the Better Buddies Program and the mascot, Buddy Bear. The focus for the day was showing acts of kindness towards others. Our students

were very excited when a

special visitor , Buddy Bear,

came to all the classrooms.

A big thank you to the school

community for supporting this

wonderful charity.

Also a big

thank you to Junior School

Council and Mr Kennelly for

organising the day.

Quilts for the Ermera Vile Kindergarten

Our Year Four students completed squares which were stitched together into two quilts by Mrs Gates. The drawings illustrate friendship between children in Australia and East Timor. The Friends of Ermera will send the quilts to the Ermera Vile Kindergarten. Thanks to the Year 4 students, teachers and Mrs Gates.


Junior School Council Initiatives

Hats for the Homeless

The Junior School Council would like to thank the students, parents and staff of Strathaird Primary School for supporting Hats for the Homeless Winter Appeal. We raised $836.30 for the Street Swags organisation. Our fundraising will help to supply 13 sleeping swags to homeless people. We feel pleased we have been able to help people in need to keep warm this winter.

Well done and thanks for your support.